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Upgrade your skillset with workshops for simplifying your workday and sharpening innovation capabilities. Guided by expert facilitators, you and your team will learn formulas for generating big, disruptive ideas. You’ll experience the joy of killing stupid rules on the spot. You’ll learn insider techniques for ideation, outsourcing busy work, and more.



Workshops You Won’t Sleep Through

Turn skill-building into a dynamic experience with workshops taught by facilitators who are also entrepreneurs, improv coaches, and ninjas.

Kill the Company

Experience the live-action version of strategic planning by identifying exactly how your business could be destroyed—then generating ideas to prevent its extinction.

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Killing Complexity

Arm your teams with simplification techniques used by Fidelity, NBC, and Accenture to kill complexity daily and prioritize the work that matters.

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How to Lead Like an Innovator

Transform your mindset into that of an innovative leader in this workshop of barrier-busting, rule-killing, and culture-building exercises.

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How to Think Like an Innovator

Discover proven tools and techniques for effective brainstorming and creative problem-solving at work.

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