What’s Blocking Corporate Creativity?

by [email protected] in conversation with Jennifer Mueller

creative-changeIn today’s business environment, it can sometimes be difficult to squeeze creative thinking into workplace processes. Companies want results-driven methods that fit the metrics — and hopefully the forecasts. But Jennifer Mueller, a former Wharton professor now at the University of San Diego, challenges that notion in her new book, Creative Change: Why We Resist It … How We Can Embrace It.

She says a shift in mindset can make room for new ideas to flourish. Mueller talked with [email protected] about why it’s important for companies to embrace failure along with success, and why “if you believe that pattern recognition is how you find innovation, you’re already lost.”

[email protected]: Are leaders scared at times to bring creative ideas forward?

Jennifer Mueller: I would say yes and that it’s not their fault. We’re finding the reason why is because of how organizations are structured. Leaders are trained with what we have found to be a certain mindset, a certain way of believing good decision-making happens. What we’ve found is that merely putting them in that role of having the responsibility to allocate resources makes them want to make correct, accurate, good decisions. This sounds all reasonable, but…

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