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Master one real-world technique in one hour with FutureThink’s Accelerated Learning sessions. Led by expert facilitators, you and your teams will identify dozens of new partnership opportunities. You’ll discover simplifying tactics used by Google, Merck, and Airbnb. Experience high-energy exercises that test your agility, shatter innovation barriers, and more.


Welcome to the Hour of Power

Revolutionize the way you work with 12 courses that build skills faster than your lunch order can be delivered.

Envision the Future

What does the future hold for your company? Use the visualization exercise in this session to align the collective vision for your org and inform strategic planning.

Reinvent Offerings

A favorite exercise at Samsung, take advantage of 40 innovation opportunities in this session by putting the theory of Inventive Problem Solving to work for your business.

Ignite Disruptive Thinking

Experience the technique used by Citibank and Novartis to get beyond the obvious and into the realm of groundbreaking. You’ll learn a proven method in this session for overcoming lack of imagination and challenging existing norms.

Ask Killer Questions

Apply the formula for asking better questions used by Westin Hotels and Merck. In this session, learn to ask unconventional audiences the kinds of provocative questions that lead to problem-solving and innovation.

Collaborate Creatively

Overcome siloes and barriers to sharing works in progress in this session. Start exchanging information, resources, and expertise across your organization.

Embrace New Ideas

Prevent skepticism and naysaying from dismissing brilliant ideas at the early stage. In this session, you’ll build skills for constructively evaluating others’ ideas and giving feedback.

Explore Unmet Needs

View your business from a customer’s perspective in this session. Reveal their unspoken needs—and find opportunities to gain advantages over your competitors.

Become a Simplifier

Understand the four types of complexity in this session, and master the same simplifying tactics used by Google, Airbnb, Sprint, and more.

Build Agility

In this session, learn how to be resourceful when facing an unforeseen hurdle. Whether you encounter changes in project funding, staffing, or timing, you’ll be equipped with real-world solutions.

Kill a Stupid Rule

The most dangerous phrase in the workplace is “we’ve always done it this way.” Challenge the status quo in this session by killing off annoying or outdated rules in your org using one simple exercise.

Shatter Business Barriers

Discover the secret weapon for turning impossibilities into possibilities—then apply it in the session to one of your real-world business challenges.

Unlock Simplification Behaviors

Get teams aligned on behaviors that kill complexity so everyone can do more work that matters. In this session, you’ll discuss which habits are holding people back from simplifying and gain commitments for changing those behaviors.

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