Who We Are

FutureThink was born in 2003 with a clear vision: let’s make innovation simpler and more successful. How? By eliminating unnecessary work that holds people back and giving teams simple ways to solve problems. At companies across the world, we build skills and teach cool techniques that are radically simple, easy to learn, and immediately impactful.

The result? We’ve evolved from a NYC start-up into a global force against red tape and the status quo. We did it by continually practicing what we teach — we killed 34 of our own stupid rules last year—and saying no to the same soul-sucking busywork that we teach our Fortune 500 clients to avoid. Every day, we incrementally improve our products, methods (and our TED talks) with the goal of disrupting the training industry for the better.

Our Mission

We empower entire companies to operate with simplicity so leaders and employees can spend more time innovating. In as little as an hour, our training experiences eliminate complexity, transform culture, and unleash innovation. Here’s to a world with fewer emails and meetings…and more work that matters.


How Do I Experience FutureThink?

On-Site Workshops

Immerse leaders or individual contributors in expertly led, interactive sessions that range from one hour to one day.

On-Demand Learning Portal

Build capabilities anytime with more than 150 how-to videos and techniques that simplify your path to innovation.

Onstage Keynotes

Transform mindsets and ignite action through dynamic keynotes from TED-talk veterans and global futurists.

Hands-on training that could be immediately applied to our work.


In The News

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Want to experience FutureThink for yourself? Talk to (or email) one of our helpful humans and request a demo. Or shoot us your burning questions about pricing, choosing a workshop, or our Top 5 karaoke songs.

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