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Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and
Best-Selling Author of Kill the Company

Garry Golden

Senior Futurist and Expert in Emerging Trends and Identifying Change

Spark new thinking and inspire every attendee.

As a globally recognized futurist and expert on innovation, Lisa Bodell ignites new thinking among audiences with her high energy, humor, and powerful messaging.


Founded three successful businesses, including futurethink, an award-winning innovation firm

Professional Speaker

Internationally recognized leadership + innovation speaker


Board member for Association of Professional Futurists; contributor to The Futurist; member of Global Council for the World Economic Forum

Thought Leader

Monthly columnist for strategy+business and Forbes; contributing writer to Harvard Business Review


Taught innovation and creativity at American University and Fordham University


Top 5 Speaker futurethink

2014 Top 5 Speaker Award in Innovation and Creativity by


2014 Axiom Best Business Book Award: Silver in Business Theory

USA Best Book Awards Winner futurethink

2013 USA Book News Best Book Award in Business: Management & Leadership

Based on the premise that every person has the power to innovate, Lisa Bodell inspires business leaders to embrace change and become world-class innovators.

Speaking Highlights

"Lisa has the winning combination you look for in a keynote speaker: she is insightful, engaging, and energetic. She was the top-rated speaker at two Google events and inspired our audience to start an innovation revolution. "

− Google

"Lisa Bodell is one of the most outstanding presenters I’ve ever seen. She passionately delivers well articulated messages that engage the audience and encourage action. Her insights will become essential elements of our culture."

− NYSE Euronext

"Lisa enabled my leadership team to think in new ways and helped us develop winning business ideas right in the room. My team now embraces innovation rather than fearing it."

− Citigroup Corporate Investment Bank

"Lisa's session received a 3.8 out of 4 at our Annual Meeting this year: the highest rating I’ve seen for annual meeting speakers in my 30+ year tenure with the association."

− Paperboard Packaging Council

"Lisa captivated the audience with insightful and well-articulated thoughts about technologies and trends that could transform our industry. She energized people to be more proactive about shaping our future business environment. "

− Pfizer

"Lisa's message is incredibly relevant and compelling. Her work is thought provoking, challenging, and necessary given today's complex and ever-changing business environment. "

− Accenture

"Over the years, I’ve tried many innovation ‘gurus’ to educate my leadership team. Lisa is the real thing—she’s an expert who also knows how to use both presentation and learning principles to hold an audience’s attention."

− Bausch & Lomb

"One of the most dynamic and powerful keynote speakers our association has ever had. Her delivery, style, and expert content completely energized an audience of 500 and a breakout session of 50."

− National Association of Confectionery Dealers


Lisa Bodell's Bio

Lisa Bodell is an award-winning author and CEO of futurethink. As a futurist and expert on the topic of change, she serves as a global council member of the World Economic Forum; and has helped thousands of senior leaders ignite innovation at Bloomberg, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, and many others. Lisa is an inspired speaker who has brought her message to over 30 countries and nearly 100,000 people each year. She was ranked the top speaker at Google’s client events in 2014. She is also the author of the best-selling book Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution, which won the 2014 Axiom Best Business Book Award and was voted Best Business Book by USA Book News and Booz & Co. Lisa has appeared on NPR, FOX News, and in Fast Company, The New York Times, and WIRED. She is a monthly columnist for strategy+business, and frequent contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Lisa is an advisor on the boards of the Association of Professional Futurists; and Novartis’ Diversity and Inclusion Board in Basel, Switzerland. Among her many academic activities, Lisa has taught innovation and creativity at both American and Fordham Universities. For more innovation news and ideas, follow Lisa on Twitter at: @LisaBodell To view sample presentations, visit:

Keynote Topics

Kill the Company Keynote

Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution

Winning innovators embrace changedo you? In too many organizations, we’re stuck in the land of status quo. We’ve forgotten how to think differently, and lack the simple tools to solve problems creatively. The very structures put in place to help organizations grow are now holding us back. So, it’s time to Kill the Company! This keynote is an inspirational call to arms: to start a revolution in how we think and how we work. You will learn how simplification leads to better innovation. This can reignite critical aptitudes such as curiosity, inquiry, creative problem solving, and more. The keynote will bring to life the concepts presented in Bodell’s latest book, Kill the Company:

  1. Everyone is a change agent
  2. Change involves a toolkit, not a process
  3. Little changes can create big impact

Lisa will introduce tangible ways to ignite innovation through dynamic exercises in the Kill the Company Toolkit. You will leave this keynote with ways to eliminate needless complexity with simple, inspiring ways to make innovation happen now.

Little BIGS Keynote

Little BIGS®: How Small Changes Create Big Impact

Dismiss the notion that successful innovation requires large corporate overhauls and change initiatives. In fact, people are sick and tired of extensive and expensive initiatives that generally don’t work. To get people to approach change differently, we must change our approach. Instead of top-down mandates, it’s the small things—the “Little BIGS”—that ignite powerful behavior change. Little BIGS uses action-based tactics. When individuals and teams start leading by example, they create opportunities for people to witness and embrace positive behaviors and change firsthand. Using examples of small changes with huge ripple effects, this keynote walks participants through the bite-sized approach to revolution. Attendees will take away tangible and actionable steps to shake up their organization’s standard practices—from unproductive meetings to go-nowhere strategic planning—and result in a powerful boost to innovation. They will gain understanding of the Little BIGS that will reinvent their own organization; awaken their ability to think; and ultimately, to reinvent the future.

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Inspire new thinking at your next event with Lisa Bodell, world-renowned futurist and expert on the topics of innovation and driving change. Lisa has carried her transformative message to more than 30 countries, speaking to industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and manufacturing to non-profit organizations. Her ability to get beyond theory and give people techniques they can quickly use to create value has made her one of the most sought-after speakers in the field of strategic foresight and innovation. Through Lisa’s powerful keynote presentations, attendees are on their feet and translating the message into action before the presentation is over.

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