Write a Job Description That Candidates Will Actually Read

by Suzanne Lucas for Gusto

Job descriptions can often blur into one. Companies are constantly looking for a “motivated and self-directed individual” who can “hit the ground running” in an “exciting and fast-paced environment.”

Reading that, you have no idea if they’re talking about a senior-level finance position or a preschool teacher. It’s not like there’s ever a job description that says a business is seeking a “lazy individual” who “will require extensive training” in a “boring and tedious environment.”

You may think that being creative is the only way to hook people and get them to read your description. But for job hunters, the opposite is true. All that filler language doesn’t mean a lot to the typical job seeker. Candidates are looking for a job, not a good story.

Use the following four pointers to help you attract the right people to read, get excited about, and eventually apply for the jobs you post.

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