Which of These Will Be Your Job Title in 2037?

by Paul Armstrong for Forbes

Online print and design company Moo partnered with sci-fi writer Max Gladstone (and ex-tech industry analyst) to produce an interesting take on the future of the workplace in 20 years time. 2037 sounds like a riot if the job titles below come true, from data mining to individuals making homes more connected – there appears to be something for everyone. Coming at a time when many believe AI will push millions of people out of work, this list shows that new jobs can be created.

Per Moo and Gladstone the jobs of the future will include:

● Cloud Cleaner – Digital handyman who deletes all your defunct, abandoned digital accounts (unused social media accounts, blogs, etc.) helping customers manage their digital identity

● Digital Archaeologist – Abandoned-data miner who specializes in extracting lost corporate data and customer insights from the rapidly growing number of aging networks and servers

● Fabric Programmer – Designer who manufactures custom clothing based on a customer’s digital persona using a 3D scan to create the perfect wardrobe

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