Trevor Roten

2 Truths and a Lie
Here are some facts about Trevor – which one do you think is a lie?

  1. I made my TV debut in kindergarten on Nickelodeon’s “Nick News.”
  2. I lost part of my left ear in a trip-and-fall at age 4.
  3. I won a collegiate slam-dunk contest.


Trevor’s strength is in identifying the essential skills clients need to grow their employees’ human potential. Having put together learning solutions for global powerhouses like NBCUniversal, Pfizer, and Accenture, Trevor knows what time-starved people need to both learn more quickly, and get immediate results. A student of the Future Of Learning, Trevor has a passion for getting leaders get on board with growing their teams in new, innovative ways.

Trevor started his sales career early at various tech startups and rose through the ranks quickly, using client analytics to drive solutions. Always focused on relationships and relentlessly providing value-add, he has run webinars for customer training, supported numerous training sessions, and led an ice-breaker or two himself.

Trevor majored in Computer Programming, graduating from Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, N.C. In addition to collecting passport stamps, he admits to a modest autograph collection from University of North Carolina players. When he isn’t cycling in Central Park, you’ll find him volunteering with the American Heart Association or at Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square, his favorite Tar Heel-friendly establishment in Manhattan.

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