Tré Miller Rodríguez

2 Truths and a Lie
Here are some facts about Tré – which one do you think is a lie?

  1. A 17th-century poem is tattooed on my back.
  2. I talked my way out of being arrested in Cuba.
  3. I rescued an injured barn owl with my bare hands.


An award-winning copywriter with a decade of agency experience in PR and advertising, Tré obsesses over editorial content for FutureThink. Her creative vision can be seen in the firm’s original video series, “Innovation Tool School” video series, for which she co-developed original characters and scripts with an entertaining approach to corporate education. Tré serves as editor for the firm’s training tools, leadership articles, and marketing materials. (She’s also famous for holding meetings over pedicures—and cocktails.)

Prior to joining the company—where she’s a self-professed “word nerd”—Tré served as lead writer and publicist on lifestyle accounts for Harrison & Shriftman in Manhattan. She played a key role in the agency’s new business pitches and created successful partnership programs for Grey Goose Vodka. As an account director for PJ Inc., she simplified financial, tech, and real-estate jargon into actual English that consumers could understand. Her work for Revolución Brandmakers has appeared on billboards, product packaging, and Web sites for brands like W South Beach, Santa Rita wines, and Paige Premium Denim.

Tré received her BA in English from U.C. Berkeley and in her spare time, she can be seen brunching and bike riding through multiple boroughs. She’s a dedicated blogger on Tumblr, seasonal fashion reporter, and author of the book, Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir from She Writes Press, which was optioned and is currently in development for the screen.

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