Russ Schoen

2 Truths and a Lie
Here are some facts about Russ – which one do you think is a lie?

  1. I was a contestant on the game show JEOPARDY!
  2. I successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
  3. I dressed up as a chicken and visited Niagara Falls to win a bet.


As a specialist in the field of individual, team, and organizational innovation and leadership, Russ has facilitated programs from Spain to New Zealand. In addition to training executives and managers in deliberate creativity, innovation, and leadership, he comes with certified expertise in Polarity Management and Emotional Intelligence. A few companies that have benefited from the dynamic force of nature that is Russ include Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Philips Electronics, S&P, and Novartis.

Known for galvanizing workshops with his energy and comedic timing, his step-by-step approach enables participants to apply innovation concepts immediately and make on-the-spot change. His versatile approach to training is also reflected in his education: Certification from the prestigious Second City Conservatory and a Master’s degree in Creativity, Innovation, and Change Leadership from State University of New York.

When he’s not training or consulting, Russ practices aikido and teaches graduate courses at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College. (A wardrobe change happens in between.) He is a contributing author to innovation literature, including Your Innovation Station, A Launch Pad for New Thinking (2011) and Your Tool Cards, an Innovation Catalyst (2006), both of which were published by Thinc Communications. Russ is also the co-founder of the Creative Youth Leadership Program, which is dedicated to enhancing leadership, communication and problem-solving skills among teens.

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