Elton Hassall

2 Truths and a Lie
Here are some facts about Elton – which one do you think is a lie?

  1. I was charged by a rhino while on foot.
  2. I am a self-taught piano and guitar player.
  3. I ate giant worms in the Amazon jungle.


A creative thinker and competitive triathlete, Elton has brought his innovation energy to more than 50 countries over the past 16 years. His passionate, pragmatic training style has been a favorite of organizations such as Proctor & Gamble, Cisco, Fidelity, Johnson & Johnson, and Coca-Cola.

He is the founder of NowVation, an innovation firm specializing in consumer-centric ideation for new products, services, and positioning. In previous capacities, he served as a Creative Process Facilitator for Ideas To Go and partnered with the inventor of Rollerblades to market the Rowbike, and other outdoor fitness machines. He holds a BS in Marketing and Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, and certifications from the Creative Problem Solving Institute for facilitating and the RIVA Institute for moderating.

He gets his kicks from global travel, high-octane sports, and spicy food (preferably at the same time). Currently ranked in America in the top 20 of his age group, he’s been an All-American and Team USA triathlete for the past three years. He can be found volunteering his time and talent to organizations like Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, a haven in Rwanda where HIV and genocide-survivor orphans are able to rebuild their lives. Elton is a native South African who currently makes his home in Brooklyn with his wife, baby boy, and two jumbo-sized Siberian forest cats.

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