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Employees in simplified work environments are 84% more likely to stay in their jobs. Why? Because when you get the work right, you get the culture right. Increase awareness of complexity and where it lurks—and start implementing strategies to eradicate it across your org.



How We Build This Capability

Workshops That Engage

Are your teams so swamped with emails, meetings, and processes that they have zero time for truly valuable work? This workshop arms them with simplification techniques used by Fidelity, NBC, and Accenture to kill complexity daily and prioritize the work that matters.

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Understand the four types of complexity in this Accelerated Learning session and master the same simplifying tactics used by Google, Airbnb, Sprint, and more.

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Keynotes That Inspire

Unproductive meetings, endless emails, and reports-for-the-sake-of-reporting aren’t the definition of meaningful work—they’re the result of complexity.  To create a workplace where there’s actually time and space to innovate, you’ll learn from CEO and TED-talk veteran Lisa Bodell how to become your own chief simplification officer. Get the techniques used by the nimblest of companies to save time, kill rules, and boost productivity on the work that matters. By killing complexity, you’ll increase customer trust, staff retention, and innovate faster.

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Tools That Empower

  • 7 On-Demand Videos
  • 7 Tools + Techniques
  • 2 Bonus Resources

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Ideal for

  • Leaders who need to set the vision and role-model the simplification behaviors they want to see from employees.
  • Organizations where attempts to simplify have been inconsistent and difficult to measure or quantify.
  • Leaders who need team accountability for simplification efforts.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Simplification
  • Better productivity
  • Analytical thinking

Results from FutureThink Clients

30% of HBO participants reclaimed an average of 4 hours per week.

Microsoft participants have reported a 25% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks.

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