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Inspire change from the stage with keynotes from FutureThink CEO Lisa Bodell or professional futurist Garry Golden. From TED-talk veteran Lisa, you’ll engage in both radical and practical thinking about how to eviscerate the status quo and make daily space for innovation. Discover techniques used by the nimblest of companies to save time, kill rules, and boost productivity on the work that matters. Objectively analyze your entire business to identify external threats as well as internal weaknesses—and solve for them. From global speaker Garry, you’ll learn how to spot emerging issues for your industry and predict probable versions of its future. In addition to the impact of trends like connected data, graph analytics, and the blockchain, you’ll explore nascent technologies beyond the horizon. By applying Garry’s envisioning techniques to your own org, you’ll be equipped for the market in 2030. Join the list of companies—Google, Citigroup, Cisco Systems—that have discovered how to simplify and innovate though FutureThink keynotes.

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Turn skill-building into a daily practice with FutureThink’s interactive workshops. Guided by professional facilitators, you’ll learn the formulas used by the U.S. Navy, Fidelity, and HBO to generate big, strategic ideas. With colleagues, you’ll try a new process for improving feedback and collaboration across your team and organization. You’ll experience the joy of killing stupid rules on the spot. To raise everyday brainstorming to an industry-disrupting level, you’ll learn insider techniques for ideation. Upgrade your skillset with workshops for simplifying your workday and sharpening your innovation capabilities.

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Accelerated Learning Sessions

Master one real-world technique in one hour with FutureThink’s Concentrated Learning sessions. With skilled facilitators at the helm, you’ll identify dozens of new partnership opportunities or explore your customers’ unmet needs. You’ll learn the same simplifying tactics used by Google, Merck, and Airbnb, and experience high-energy exercises that test your agility and shatter common barriers to innovation. Discover the secret weapon for turning impossibilities into possibilities—and then use it to solve one of your real-world challenges on the spot. Revolutionize the way you work with outcome-focused learning that gets to the point.

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Learning Portal

Turn cerebral concepts into real-world techniques with FutureThink’s Learning Portal. Access more than 150 tools and techniques used by Fortune 500 companies to simplify the path to innovation. With your team or individually, apply methods used by futurists to anticipate trends and prepare for probable events. You’ll borrow best practices for establishing an innovative culture from Capital One, Amazon, and 3M. Start implementing proven formulas for generating disruptive ideas, taking smart risks, and killing complexity. And because it’s hard to monitor what you don’t measure, get step-by-step guides for establishing metrics that support your innovation or simplification goals and measure efforts. Experience on-demand learning today that builds the skills of tomorrow.

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