To Be a Real HR Pro, Stop Caring So Much

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Brad Lutz, president of Acuity HR Solutions, presented at DisruptHR in Canada at the beginning of summer. Now, before we get into the hows of his presentation, Lutz’ tells us that those of you who are considered “high performing folks who dive in, get things done, parachute, fix problems” have already achieved stardom. “They are the crappiest of all.”

How have they achieved this and how can you? Lutz says there are only 3 steps:

  1. Work too hard
  2. Solve problems
  3. Care about employees.

Why would these seemingly admirable qualities make you a crappy HR professional? Because, Lutz tells us, it usurps the job managers and leaders should be doing. By always solving people problems it sends the message to employees that they can skip past their leader and go straight to HR. That, says Lutz, makes HR look good, while the manager “looks inept.”

“All too often, when HR cares for employees out there, what ends up happening is that we rob the leader of an opportunity to care for their own people.”

The problem with HR always stepping in is that “We undermine the relationship leaders have with their own people.”

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