Press Play on Productivity

by Lisa Bodell for futurecast

Today comes with that first-day-of-school feeling for me: my first LinkedIn Learning course, “Boost Your Team’s Productivity,” is now live here. Each video is three minutes or less, and features the best simplification tips from my keynotes and training sessions. In 39 minutes, employees and leaders learn how to:

  • Identify extra steps + time-sucks in daily work
  • Establish productive habits
  • Get rid of stupid rules in the workplace
  • Stop wasting 20+ hours a week on emails and meetings
  • Do more meaningful work every day

Everyone can watch my first video for free and experience the entire course with a free 10-day trial. Check with your L&D department about accessing a group plan or arranging an individual plan. Pssssst…if getting cost approval for a subscription requires more than two sign-offs, your org DEFINITELY needs my course.

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