Your Marketing Hires Should Have This 1 Quality

by Jim Lyski for Forbes

For a brand to win in today’s competitive consumer marketplace, the need to hire marketers with one particular quality is at an all-time high. That quality is positivity.

People inherently see the world as glass half-empty or half-full, but marketing requires a half-full mentality to stay ahead of the curve and meet the consumer’s ever-changing needs. Individuals with innate positivity embrace challenges when others quit and envision solutions amid obstacles. In addition, marketing leaders who are intrinsically positive are more open to self-discovery and insights from others, making them far more effective in driving programs that are embraced by the organization.

The past few years, there has been a lot of focus on IQ and Emotional Intelligence. While IQ and EQ are important qualities, no amount of either will substitute for those who lack positivity. I’ve found it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to change someone’s attitude—time which is better spent elsewhere.

Identifying positivity during the interview process is the first step in recruiting the right talent. I have established three simple ways to find it:

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