How Learning is Adapting to the Future

by James Bennett for Learning & Development

For hundreds of years, learning has been tied to a specific person (the instructor), at a certain place (the classroom), and at a certain time (class time); but media-based advances such as interactivity, mobility, and asynchronous delivery have finally broken through the teacher-centric barrier and given learners a little more flexibility.

While this is an incredible step forward, students are still restricted to a certain path and, more often than not, limited to specific content. But this is changing quickly and dramatically with a technology that is just now finding its way into the mainstream: adaptive learning.

The advent of adaptive learning makes the present day an exciting time to be involved in the learning profession. Here is how adaptive learning makes a difference: We know that we do not all learn at the same pace, and we know that the same content does not make the light bulb of understanding come on for each of us. It is also often true that two learners can have a completely different understanding of foundational knowledge. Forcing two different learners to go through the same material with the same time restrictions is not only inefficient but also contrary to what we know about the learning process.

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