Learn How To

Track Innovation

Measure What Matters


Establishing metrics helps you monitor your innovation efforts and see what’s working (and what isn’t). Get step-by-step techniques for identifying metrics that serve your goals, track your results, and enable you to course-correct if needed.



How We Build This Capability

Workshops That Engage

Discover how to overcome common roadblocks to innovation and master the skill of better feedbacking in this workshop. Solve your real-world business challenges in the room using powerful techniques for creative thinking and problem solving.

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Tools That Empower

  • 3 On-Demand Videos
  • 8 Tools + Techniques

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Ideal for

  • Organizations that need to identify the right set of metrics to measure innovation performance.
  • Leaders who recognize the value of innovation but lack previous ROI needed to build support for new efforts.
  • Organizations where innovation attempts have been inconsistent and difficult to measure or quantify.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Analytical thinking
  • Risk tolerance
  • Agility
  • Problem-solving

Results from FutureThink Clients

After establishing pipeline metrics, Lockheed Martin decreased time spent monitoring innovation efforts by 45%.

95% of Time Warner participants implemented at least 1 new metric within a week.

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