Learn How To

Leverage Customer

Boost Customer Experience + Loyalty


Perceptive brands understand that solving customer pain points today gives them a competitive edge tomorrow. Get insider techniques for discovering unmet consumer needs, identifying new customer segments, and deepening brand loyalty.



How We Build This Capability

Workshops That Engage

Discover how to overcome common roadblocks to innovation and master the skill of better feedbacking in this workshop. Solve your real-world business challenges in the room using powerful techniques for creative thinking and problem solving.

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View your business from a customer’s perspective in this Accelerated Learning session. Reveal their unspoken needs—and find opportunities to gain advantages over your competitors.

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Tools That Empower

  • 4 On-Demand Videos
  • 5 Tools + Techniques
  • 6 Bonus Resources

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Ideal for

  • Organizations seeking to identify blatant and latent needs of a target audience.
  • Leaders who are tasked with developing more customer-centric innovation.  
  • Organizations that need to identify competitive opportunities or gain insights about how to improve an existing product or service.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Creative problem-solving
  • Provocative inquiry

Results from FutureThink Clients

95% of DirecTV participants reported better understanding of their customers’ needs.

78% of Merck participants now spend an additional 10 hours a month with clients.

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