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Running a successful ideation session isn’t a puzzle wrapped in an enigma—it’s the result of effective planning. Learn best practices and pro tips for hosting deeply productive brainstorms.



How We Build This Capability

Workshops That Engage

Apply the formula for asking better questions used by Westin Hotels and Merck. In this microlearning session, learn to ask unconventional audiences the kinds of provocative questions that lead to problem-solving and innovation.

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This Accelerated Learning session teaches an award-winning framework that stops persistent skepticism to new ideas and enables teams to more open to innovative thinking. Here we teach teams to give feedback in a structured way, and encourage them to evaluate ideas constructively and give them a fair chance.

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Tools That Empower

  • 8 On-Demand Videos
  • 8 Tools + Techniques
  • 4 Bonus Resources

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Ideal for

  • Organizations where brainstorming sessions are a costly waste of time.
  • Leaders who need to develop a pipeline of innovative ideas.
  • Teams that are more critical than open-minded to new ideas.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Creative thinking
  • Agility
  • Collaboration

Results from FutureThink Clients

Intel attendees reported a 120% increase in the number of quality ideas generated in their brainstorms.

95% of CoolSys participants reported increased team engagement during brainstorming sessions.

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