Learn How To

Identify Tomorrow’s

Future-Proof Your Organization


To stay relevant in the future, it’s critical to anticipate the emerging trends that will impact your industry (and adjacent industries). Learn how to apply techniques used by futurists to forecast change and prepare for probable events.



How We Build This Capability

Workshops That Engage

Experience the live-action version of strategic planning by identifying exactly how your business could be destroyed—from external threats to internal weaknesses. Generate ideas in this workshop that will not only prevent its extinction but can then be leveraged against your competition.

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Gain alignment on where and how innovation can occur in the present by illustrating your vision for the future. Envision the Future teaches participants to visualize and better articulate what the “future looks like” for their industry, business, or offerings.

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Keynotes That Inspire

Recognizing and acting on early signs of change separates the Innovators from the Irrelevants. To stay ahead of emerging trends, you’ll learn from global keynoter and professional futurist Garry Golden how to anticipate the future and predict trends that will affect your industry. Using real-world indicators of change, you’ll apply futurist methods to extrapolate likely versions of the future. By envisioning your org in 2030 and beyond, you’ll be equipped to lead market disruptions or transitions.

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Tools That Empower

Ideal for

  • Organizations that need to engage in long-term planning but lack expertise in futuring exercises.
  • Leaders who want proven techniques for imagining the probable future and manifesting their vision for it.
  • Organizations seeking a process for anticipating and monitoring the changes that will impact their company and industry.

Skills You’ll Learn

  • Forecasting
  • Agility
  • Disruptive thinking

Results from FutureThink Clients

Boehringer Ingelheim participants reported an 88% increase in use of scanning-for-change methods.

92% of Time Warner participants incorporated FutureThink’s foresight techniques into strategic planning.

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