Seize This Moment To Declutter Your Workday

by Lisa Bodell for Forbes

As America embarks on the largest work-from-home experiment in its history, many knowledge workers are rethinking the status quo. Long meetings are becoming emails. Business travelers are realizing they can meet their clients (and their goals) remotely. Conferences and other industry events are going virtual — and may stay that way. As a champion against busywork and the author of Why Simple Wins, I’m here for it.

The changes we’re witnessing are long overdue, and they build momentum for truly decluttering our work lives. If you’re seeking a spring-cleaning approach to your day, explore the two techniques below. They’re designed for people at all levels to identify time-sucks and unnecessary rules, as well as the tasks that bring the most value to your organization.

  • Cancel stupid rules. If you could cancel all the rules that frustrate you or slow down your efficiency, what would they be? With your remote team or individually, take 30 minutes or so to list those stupid rules. Keep these pro tips in mind:
    • Focus on your sphere of control — choose rules that are directly related to your business unit and your daily work, not the larger organization.

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