Frequently asked questions.

And really awesome answers


How does FutureThink deliver training? In-person? Virtual?

All of the above! Get in-person, virtual, or on-demand training that's tailored for your culture and teams. Our in-person workshops build skills IRL for up to 35 attendees. For teams in multiple locations, we offer live, virtual sessions. Continue everyone's learning with on-demand access to 150+ tools, techniques, and how-to videos in our Learning Portal.


How long are in-person workshops?

Choose from one-hour Accelerated Learning sessions (one technique) or one-day workshops (five to six techniques). Both options maximize every second of your teams' precious time.


How do you make sure attendees don’t forget what they’ve learned?

To keep innovation or simplification practices top of mind, we extend the learning through gaming challenges, public commitments, quarterly touchpoints, and access to our on-demand tools and videos.


Our company wants to implement a simplification initiative, but I have no idea where to start. Help?

We got you! Our most popular simplification program would kick off with Lisa delivering her “Killing Complexity” keynote for your org, followed by on-site sessions, and supplemented with a hard copy Toolkit and ongoing access to our Learning Portal. For a program preview, just email us.