Are Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives Still Necessary?

by Tana Session for Forbes

In today’s political climate, unconscious bias has become a key topic of discussion and training for managers, especially as it relates to recruiting and hiring.  It is extremely important for organizations to train managers and other leaders on the impact of diversity and inclusion and how these initiatives positively impact the organizations’ bottom lines.

Without diversity of thought, organizations are prone to groupthink and rely on the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset. This mindset has repeatedly proven to be a deficit to organizational growth. Unfortunately, there are still more organizations who default to this type of leadership and team management. Change is the only constant and must be embraced and implemented, although measured and strategic. To be successful and create the desired shift in culture, change must be driven from the top of the leadership pyramid.

As human resources professionals, we are charged with coaching and training leaders to see outside of their normal mode of thinking. We advise them on ways to integrate diversity and inclusion into their recruiting, succession planning, workforce planning, policies and processes. Impacting hiring decisions, employee development and the employee life cycle are all integral components on organizational change, leadership and development.

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