Can Playing This Card Game Save Your Hopeless Meetings?

by Bob Kulhan for Fast Company


Status is powerful. Once a team gets working, any initial willingness to communicate can go right out the window if nobody feels comfortable disagreeing with the VP at the end of the table, or the new junior salesperson who might have something to say.

But our positions within a company are actually a combination of rank and status. Your job title and the responsibilities that go with it comprise your rank. But your status is given to you by other people, or taken away by other people (either to your face or behind your back). Most of the time, people with a high rank are granted a great deal of status by coworkers—that’s the nature of a corporate ladder.

Status also depends on competence, communication, work ethic, leadership, and personal relationships, just to name a few variables. When team members all hold different ranks as well as differing statuses, it’s easy for it to collapse under the weight of all the ensuing deference to hierarchy. To succeed, both rank and status must be leveled—at least for specific, strategic periods.

This card game can help.

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