Binge-Watching is Good for Online Learning

by [email protected]

Listen to the full podcast here. An edited transcript of [email protected]’s conversation with Wharton marketing professor Eric Bradlow  conversation is below.

[email protected]: Let’s start the conversation by talking about what exactly binge consumption is.

Eric Bradlow: It’s an interesting question because three years ago I became really interested in this topic of binge consumption. The original work I did looked at what I called clumpiness. The reason I used the word “clumpiness” back then is that binging has this negative connotation, and binge consumption doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

The basic idea is very simple, which is consecutive consumption of a particular type of content. For example, it could be a Coursera project where someone could be consuming online content in an educational setting. It could be Netflix. It could be Hulu. In our recent work, we’ve recognized two forms of binging or clumpiness. One is our old definition, which we called “temporal binging.” This is where people just consume content consecutively. Then we have a second form of binging we call “content binging” where, for example, there’s a course in marketing and a course in operations.

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