Avoid The 6 Most Common Mistakes of 360-Feedback

By Steffen Maier for TLNT


360-feedback is a highly useful process, allowing employees to openly communicate feedback with each other in order to develop in the workplace, but for it to have the desired effect, it must be implemented properly. Here’s your guide.

1. Communicate

It’s important to communicate any changes occurring in the workplace to team members. If your review system is undergoing changes, it’s going to impact the whole team, and they should be informed. Employees need to be aware of and willing to engage with changes to their working practices for the changes to actually be of use. The first pitfall that companies run into with implementing 360-feedback is the failure to communicate properly with staff on the purpose, how it will be used in the workplace, and the specific issues you’re looking to fix with it.

Action steps: Hold a company-wide meeting before the process is implemented to make it clear both how the tool will be used and how it will be useful. There should also be ongoing conversation regarding company feedback culture as the process continues.

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