Avoid These 13 Phrases During Interview Process

by Emily Moore for Fast Company

Usually, you can tell when you’ve absolutely bombed an interview. If you reveal that you’re totally unqualified, let slip a particularly unprofessional anecdote, or manage to offend the recruiter or hiring manager, it’s not a surprise when you don’t get a callback.

But sometimes, you’ll leave an interview feeling great only to hear that they won’t be moving forward with you, or worse: You won’t hear anything at all. In situations like those, you might wonder: What did I do wrong?

Take a look at the following words and phrases that drive recruiters crazy, and make sure to eliminate them from your vocab.

It’s a fact that recruiters want to see passion and enthusiasm from their candidates–but there’s a right way and a wrong way to show it. You might intend for this phrase to demonstrate your eagerness, but in reality, it “comes off as slightly desperate, and desperation doesn’t look good in any context,” says Zachary Painter, career adviser and hiring manager at ResumeGenius.com. “You want to appear confident and competent–not as a hopeless applicant seeking a means to an end.”

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