5 Signs of a Terrible Manager

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When we discuss companies with a high employee turnover, we need to look at factors that might be contributing to this. It might faulty recruitment or perhaps the wrong people are being hired. Maybe certain workplace processes make daily work frustrating, so employees look for opportunities elsewhere. But one of the biggest reasons employees jump ship? Poor management.

A Gallup survey found 50% quit a job at some point in their career to get away from their manager. This is hardly surprising. A manager has the power to engage, inspire, and motivate their employees. They can also single-handedly drive employees away with a number of bad habits.

Below are just a few signs of a terrible manager, and a few reasons as to why your company might be experiencing high levels of staff turnover:

1. A terrible manager constantly tries to micromanage their employees

Do you hover as your employees work, justifying your micromanagement as a keen interest in the progress of your workforce? Are you always on hand to point out what your employees are doing wrong, or to walk them through every step of their role? If so, you are displaying one of the biggest warning signs of a dreadful manager.

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