14 Black Leaders to Watch in Tech

By Pamela Rosario Pérez for ThinkGrowth.org

Yes, tech has a diversity problem. But our focus on diversity numbers sometimes overshadows the amazing work that is currently being done by black leaders in tech.

For as long as there has been a tech industry, it has been shaped by the contributions of black people, so take a minute to read about some of tech’s current leaders. Then, follow them on Twitter, sign up for their blogs, and start listening to what they have to say. These individuals are at the top of their respective fields and also have important things to say about how to fix tech’s diversity problem .

Amanda Spann
Co-Founder of Tiphub and Spann & Company | Twitter | LinkedIn

Amanda Spann is a powerhouse. As CMO at Blerdology, she was part of a group that organized one of the first hackathons targeting African Americans. At Tiphub, she’s leading a community specifically supporting entrepreneurs in Africa and the African Diaspora. And at her consultancy, Spann & Company, she focuses on helping fellow African American founders build their brands.

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