10 Signs Your Résumé Isn’t Working

by Liz Ryan for Forbes

If your résumé is underperforming, nobody is going to tell you. No one will contact you to say “We think your experience is great, but your résumé isn’t. Please revise it and reapply.” They will simply ignore it or delete it.

Your résumé has a big job to do. In a matter of seconds, it must convey your intelligence, the relevance of your background to the job you want, your accomplishments, your personality, and your understanding of the business world—or whatever world you work in.

But most résumés don’t do a good job of bringing their owners’ talents across on the page. Why not? Because most résumés are positioned too broadly. People are afraid of missing out on opportunities, so they use vague, bland language. Here are 10 signs you should rework your résumé:

1. You get inquiries from recruiters, but they’re off the mark. You don’t get inquiries about jobs you are actually interested in.

2. You submit your résumé for job openings that seem like they’re well-suited to your area of expertise but when employers reply, they invite you to interview for totally different jobs.

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