Mariel Henkoff

Account Manager

Collaborating with multiple departments, Mariel Henkoff creates and choreographs innovation training programs and events for futurethink’s clients.

2 Truths and a lie

Here are some facts about Mariel – which one do you think is a lie?

  1. A portion of my rock collection is on display at the Madison Geology Museum in Wisconsin.
  2. I met Britney Spears and hung out in her trailer while she was on tour.
  3. I supervised 30 teenage girls at a sleep-away camp.

Taking a communicative, strategic approach to challenges, Mariel is known for her radical candor and attention to detail (also her DIY tie-dyeing skills). Her ability to connect big-picture thinking to the most granular pieces of logistical planning is one of many reasons she’s essential to futurethink’s daily operations.

Previously, she served as the Mentoring Program Manager at Eye to Eye, an art-based national nonprofit that mentors students with learning disabilities and ADHD. In this capacity, she created and implemented Eye to Eye’s learning curriculum, mentor training, and recruitment materials. Prior to Eye to Eye, Mariel worked as a docent for the Block Museum in Evanston, IL, where she led tours for the public and helped plan events for exhibition openings.

Mariel graduated from Northwestern University College of Arts and Sciences in Evanston with a BA in History, a minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences, and a penchant for building giant snowmen on campus. These days, she’s an avid Google reviewer and a Level 7 Local Guide, which means she and her boyfriend are constantly conducting urban and culinary explorations for Google Reviews and Maps. She’s also the go-to person in her social circle for questions like “Do you know a good place in Bushwick/East Village/Red Hook that serves empanadas/gluten-free pizza/absinthe cocktails?”

A Bushwick-turned-Prospect-Heights resident of Brooklyn, Mariel is a geological superfan who loves to investigate rock formations in and out of New York City. Among her favorites?
A natural rock waterslide in a Puerto Rican rainforest that was a rated attraction on Trip Advisor…but also in a private backyard. Accessing the slide required her to negotiate in Spanish with the homeowner on a price for parking and access to waterslides. Details matter—and Mariel’s healthy respect for them is evident in her own locational reviews and the projects she manages at futurethink.