Innovation QuickWin: From Pain to Gain

We talk about being customer-centric, but how exactly do we do it? We use a tool called Pain To Gain.

Here’s how it works:
Become your customer – it could be a consumer or a business partner, just be as specific as possible.

Think about their daily lives and list their pain points – What issues, obstacles, and hurdles do they face? What are the things that distract them? What keeps them from easily and smoothly living their lives? What complaints do you hear more often?

Now, write the opposite of the pains. If the pain is they ‘never call me back’, write down ‘always call me back’ or ‘calls me back in 5 minutes.’ Generate ideas based on that. What do you find?

This is a great opportunity to identify customer’s pains, think about them, and reverse them to find opportunities to grow the business.

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    Simple yet effective

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