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The Who, What, and Why of futurethink

Founded in New York City in 2003, futurethink has provided innovation solutions to organizations in over 40 countries. We come to work each morning excited to empower companies — even in highly regulated industries— to solve big problems in uncommon, long-term, and transformative ways.

Our mission is to motivate change and build innovation capabilities for organizations across the world. Through our on-demand innovation resources and experienced team of Innovation Trainers, futurethink makes innovation a simple and daily reality for its clients.

We build your organization’s knowledge and skills in the 4 areas that are essential for innovation: Strategy, Ideas, Process, and Climate. Using our scientific methods and ideation techniques, innovation becomes an expected (and measurable) result, not a lucky one.

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We’ve got 6 TED talks, 8 published books, and passport stamps to 100+ countries between us. (And that’s just what we did last weekend.)

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