Corporate Team-Building Activities that Don’t Suck

by Suzanne Lucas for Evil HR Lady

“Hi! I’m Heidi, one of your trainers! We’re here to do some corporate team building activities! So, everyone partner up with someone you don’t already know!”

Rolling your eyes yet? Me too. (Why are so many team-building exercises led by people who don’t seem to understand how adults actually interact?) But since building strong teams is essential, here are five ideas for team-building activities that don’t suck:

1. PowerPoint Karaoke
To prepare for this event, search for random PowerPoint presentations on the internet. The further afield from your actual business the better. For example, if you’re in real estate, presentations on waste management or the pharmaceutical sector are what you’re looking for. For the activity, pick a random presentation, and each team try to interpret the data and act like experts in something they know nothing about. Laughter typically ensues, which is a good ingredient for team building. Sheeren Richter, the self-described Laughter Coach, says that laughter can make you feel good and build good relationships. One caveat: This activity can be uncomfortable for an introverted team, so know your audience beforehand.

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