Why Adding Happiness To the Workplace Could Boost Performance

by Roger Trapp for Forbes

It could just be an antidote to a general climate in which work is seen as all-encompassing and—thanks to technology making employees “always on”—stressful. But there seems to be a much greater willingness to talk about happiness at work than in the past. Some suggest that it is all tied up with millennials and their desire for purpose and principle at work. Others go so far as to say it might be a result of bosses at last realizing that happy employees might be more productive than merely satisfied or outright disgruntled ones.

It’s all well and good to talk about being happy at work, but how do you achieve it? This is the challenge that Annie McKee attempts to face down with How To Be Happy At Workshortly to be published by Harvard Business Review Press. McKee, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, has been closely involved in the popularization of the concept of emotional intelligence.

The new book builds on an article in Harvard Business Review in which she made the case that it was certainly no longer acceptable to be unhappy at work.

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